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Because an original is worth more than a copy.

The Creative

Fintech Club

Trust needs to be earned. The Fintechrockers Club is “neutral ground”, where anyone (private/corporate) can come and discuss ideas even with competitors. The Club is a closed group and can be entered only via a recommendation of a member who’s also the bondsman of the prospect. The club has very clear & strict rules and if they are broken, it could mean either immediate dismissal or suspension. All members have the mirrored Я in their twitter profile picture.



Trust need to be earned – so the membership of Fintechrockers. What happens in the Fintechrockers Club stays in the Club! We’re very serious about our strict rules. Members/Partners who break the rules will be dismissed and we’ll publish them publicly on our website.


We all do this out of a honest passion and the deep conviction that we can make/create a better work environment and real results in our dusty finance world by helping bringing together great ideas with the right people that are able to nail them down.


One of our #rockerrules: You will never get a simple “no” from us, without a clear explanation WHY. A lot of good consulting companies do great in HOW and WHAT… We focus very much on the WHY you should do it! And often we just believe in the idea and no matter what – we then just say “WHY NOT?”

“Ignoring technological change in a financial system based upon technology is like a mouse starving to death because someone moved their cheese”
Chris Skinner     –     Author, Speaker, Advisor, Non-Executive Director @ 11:FS and Global FinTech Ambassador

The Four

Lucky Founders

Andy Waar

Manager & drummer of the band

Eric Salzmann

Lead guitar & vocals

Patrick Schöni

Voice for the Talents

Tomas Moral

Triangle & catering chef

The Executive

Board Members

Together with the founders

Patrick Comboeuf
Ecosystem Architect
First Fiddle & Tour coordinator
Daniel Diemers
Digital evangelist
Banjo & backing vocals
Christian Meier
Digital sounds & lights

Christian König

First Asia Rocker & Int. Content Marketing Whisperer

Years and still going strong.

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